About Us

We are a full service Landscape Maintenance Company specializing in Lawn Care, Garden Maintenance and Snow Removal for Residential and Commercial Clients.

At Connected Lawn Care we understand satisfaction starts with dependable service. We give special attention to detail and quality workmanship on every project large or small.

Connected Lawn Care offers exceptional lawn maintenance and gardening services to customers in Oakville, Mississauga and Brampton.

Connected Lawn Care is very experienced, knowledgeable and dedicated to making your property look its best.

At Connected Lawn Care we are courteous, on time and responsive to all of our customers needs.

Our Promise

Connected Lawn Care is a fully licensed and insured company. We understand that piece of mind is very important to our customers. All of Connected Lawn Cares employees are covered under WSIB (Workplace, Safety and Insurance Board). As well, Connected Lawn Care is covered for up to $2 million liability insurance. Connected Lawn Care is also a chartered member of Landscape Ontario.

Our team

  • Christopher Reynolds


  • Lesley Reynolds

    Owner and Client Services Manager

  • The Crew!!!

Service Area

We service the municipalities of Oakville, Mississauga and Brampton.

Our History

Founder Christopher Reynolds first discovered his love for landscaping and gardening when he worked in landscaping as a summer job while attending the University of Western Ontario. Connected Lawn Care began in 2008 when Christopher Reynolds founded the company. With an old municipal truck, a used lawn mower and trimmer, and a hand held blower borrowed from a friend, Connected Lawn Care began its humble beginnings. Throughout the years Connected Lawn Care's clientele grew immensely through word of mouth due to Christopher's professionalism and attention to detail. Christopher Reynolds has a bachelors degree in Administrative Commercial Studies from The University of Western Ontario and has a corporate background in Sales and Operations all of which have contributed to the growth of Connected Lawn Care.

In 2013, Lesley Reynolds joined the Connected Lawn Care team as partner. With her background in Corporate Management and education in Human Resources, Lesley and Chris ushered in a new era of growth for Connected Lawn Care.

Connected Lawn Care now manages a territory that includes Oakville, Mississauga and Brampton. The Connected Lawn Care fleet now includes four trucks and trailers, and employs eight full-time experienced landscapers.

Chris and Lesley and their team take great pride and care when working on each customer's property. Both Christopher and Lesley manage their own crews regularly throughout the year. Don't be surprised if you see Lesley pushing a lawn mower on your property, or Christopher edging your garden beds. They are definitely hands-on owners with a passion for landscaping and customer service!


What our customers are saying…

  • I have used Connected Lawn Care for a number of years and I recommend them to all my friends and neighbors!

    Deb S.

    Applewood Acres, Mississauga

  • Connected Lawn Care has done a fantastic job with my property. I don"t have a green thumb, but my property has the greenest grass and nicest gardens on my entire street!

    Ali H.

    Joshua Creek, Oakville

  • I have used Connected Lawn Care for 5 years now and couldn't be happier with the level of service and quality workmanship that has gone into my property maintenance.

    Annie C.

    Joshua Creek, Oakville

  • My husband and I are seniors and its very comforting to know that Connected Lawn Care and their staff come on time every week to service my property.

    Margaret H.

    Joshua Creek, Oakville

  • The staff at Connected Lawn Care are very professional and courteous. They have fantastic customer service and always get back to me whenever i have an inquiry.

    Claire W.

    Bronte Creek, Oakville

  • Our property always looks professionally maintained. Its such a hassle free service knowing that I can expect the same level of service week in and week out!

    Glenn H.

    Lakeshore Woods, Oakville

  • I have recommended all my neighbors to Connected Lawn Care! They are the best!

    Shavinder S.

    Riverstone, Brampton

  • When we first moved into this property the landscaping was a mess! Our gardens were very overgrown, and the lawn was a disaster. I hired Connected Lawn Care to clean up the place and when they were done my gardens were a show piece!

    Patricia J.

    Watercolours, Mississauga

  • I have Connected Lawn Care come to my property every year to clean up my garden beds in the spring. They do an absolutely fantastic job and a great price!

    Connie T.

    Lakeshore Woods, Oakville

  • I love using Connected Lawn Care! My neighbor recommended them to me after I had a bad experience with the last company I was using. They always show up on time, and property looks great!

    Gurpreet S.

    Streetsville Glen, Brampton