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Is their anything nicer than coming home to a property that looks beautiful with its vibrant green, lush lawn? Well, maybe actually feeling that soft grass between your toes! Let us take your lawns from withering to wonderful. We offer expert lawn conditioning and repair services that will make you the envy of the neighborhood.

If you are looking to help thicken your existing lawn, we can repair problem areas or replace your entire lawn. Connected Lawn Care can assess your lawn and help you achieve those goals.

Our fertilizer program ensures your lawn receives the proper nutrients throughout the year ensuring a brilliant, lush, green lawn. It is the perfect addition to our regular grass cutting services and will make your property stand out in your neighborhood with a deep, lush, green appearance.

Top Dressing and Overseeding is a fantastic way to help thicken your existing lawn and repair problem areas. Top Dressing also helps improve bumpy uneven surfaces and and will promote growth with slow release nutrients from top quality soil.

Connected Lawn Care uses award winning top soils specifically designed for your lawn's long-term health. Overseeding is always recommended in conjunction with a top dressing. Connected Lawn Care always uses premium quality seed varieties and we will use specific seed varieties depending on your property and grass type.

Aeration services are an excellent way to help improve your lawn's root system and relieve soil compression. A deep healthy root system can help your lawn survive during periods of drought and high summer temperatures that can put a lot of stress on your lawn.

Dethatching, or power-raking your lawn is a great way to remove out old, dead, brown grass and provide more room for healthy grass to grow and spread. Dethatching your lawn, in conjunction with top-dressing and overseeding is the perfect way to repair patchy, dead spots on your property.

If your lawn is beyond repair, we also offer re-sodding services and new grass installations. At Connected Lawn Care we do not cut corners when it comes to a new lawn installation. We ensure the area is properly prepared by either tilling the old lawn or totally removing the old lawn. Next, we utilize our award winning top soils rich in nutrients to ensure your new lawn has a healthy graded base. Then we custom fit your new lawn to the contours of your property. To ensure an even, graded surface we roll the lawn 3 times after installation.

Please contact us today for a free, no obligation quote. Our staff is very knowledgeable and can provide you with expert advice on how we can make your lawn look its best.

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